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SDK Access Service

If the user has the ability to develop map applications, one can choose to use the WMTS service to quickly access the spatiotemporal data tiles pieces into developed map applications.

What is SDK

Software Development Kit (SDK), mainly helps users quickly achieve some functions or technical development effects.

SDK is a collection of program interfaces, documentation, and development tools, and is more than just a development tool and more than just a program. A complete SDK should include the following:

  • Interface files and library files
    • Interface files and library files are APIs that encapsulate the underlying code and provide users with an interface to call the underlying code
  • Helper document
    • Helper documents are used to explain the functions of interface files and library files, and describe related development tools and operation examples
  • Development examples
    • The development sample is a DEMO that includes the source code presentation
  • Utilities
    • Utilities are tools that assist users in secondary development, such as secondary development guides, API search tools, software packaging tools, etc

Why is SDK Recommended?

TerraQuanta provides users and developers with limited experience in map application development with a complete front end spatiotemporal data product SDK component.

This component is designed based on the low code concept, and it can embed the spatiotemporal data front end display module designed by TerraQuanta into other application interfaces without trace, and can open or hide various functions freely.

The goal of the TerraQuanta SDK is to provide users with an out-of-the-box spatiotemporal data product!

Use SDK Service by TerraQuanta

TerraQuanta prepared specific documents for users. Please check JS-SDK Access Manual